Course Structure

Course Structure

We adhere to the curricula provided by the Nurses and Midwives' Council of Ghana, as outlined below.

First Year, Semester 1
H RGN 010Anatomy & Physiology I
H RGN 011Basic Nursing
G COM 005Communicative & Study Skills/Report Writing
H RGN 013Microbiology & Infection Prevention/Control
H RGN 015Perspectives on Nursing
H RGN 017Sociology in Nursing

Vacation Practicum I
H MDW 010Anatomy & Physiology I
G COM 005Communicative & Study Skills/Report Writing
H MDW 011Microbiology & Infection Prevention
H MDW 013Perspectives of Nursing/Midwifery
H MDW 015Basic Nursing
H MDW 017Introduction to Psychology

Vacation Practicum I
First Year, Semester 2
H RGN 020Anatomy & Physiology II
H RGN 022First Aid, Emergency & Disaster Nursing
H RGN 024Health Promotion
H RGN 026Personal & Environmental Health
H RGN 028Psychology in Nursing
H RGN 042Introduction to Statistics

Vacation Practicum II
H MDW 020Anatomy & Physiology II
H MDW 022Introduction to Sociology
H MDW 024Personal and Environmental Health
H MDW 026First Aid, Emergency and Disaster Nursing
H MDW 028Basic Statistics
H MDW 040Nutrition and Dietetics

Vacation Practicum II
Second Year, Semester 1
H RGN 030Anatomy & Physiology III
H RGN 031Advanced Nursing
H RGN 033Nutrition & Dietetics
H RGN 035Pharmacology & Therapeutics
H RGN 040Medical Nursing I
H RGN 050Surgical Nursing I

Vacation Practicum III
H MDW 030Anatomy & Physiology of Human Reproductive System
and the Foetus I
H MDW 031Medical Nursing
H MDW 033Surgical Nursing
H MDW 035Advanced Nursing
H MDW 037Health Promotion
H MDW 039Introduction to Pharmacology and Therapeutics
G CPU 035Computing

Vacation Practicum III
Second Year, Semester 2
G CPU 035Introduction to Computing
H RGN 044Management & Administration in Nursing
H RGN 046Research Techniques
H RGN 060Medical Nursing II
H RGN 070Surgical Nursing II

Vacation Practicum IV
H MDW 042Physiology and Management of Normal Pregnancy
H MDW 04Physiology and Management of Normal Labour I
H MDW 046Physiology and Management of Normal Puerperium and Neonate
H MDW 048Physiology and Management of the High Risk Neonate
H MDW 060Anatomy & Physiology of Human Reproductive System
and the Foetus II
H MDW 062Research Techniques

Vacation Practicum IV
Third Year, Semester 1
H RGN 051Obstetric Nursing
H RGN 053Patient/Family Care Study
H RGN 055Traditional Medicine & Gerontology
H RGN 080Medical Nursing III
H RGN 090Surgical Nursing III

Vacation Practicum V
H MDW 051Physiology and Management of Abnormal Pregnancy
H MDW 053Physiology and Management of Abnormal Labour,
Obstetric Operations and Anaesthesia
H MDW 055Management of Abnormal Puerperium
H MDW 057Management and Administration in Midwifery
H MDW 059Family Planning
H MDW 071Community Midwifery

Vacation Practicum V
Third Year, Semester 2
H RGN 062Community-Based Rehabilitation
H RGN 064Pediatric Nursing
H RGN 066Psychiatric Nursing
H RGN 068Public Health Nursing
H MDW 064Gynaecological Conditions, STIs, and Management
H MDW 066Family Centred Maternity Care Study
H MDW 068Advanced Midwifery and Theatre Nursing
H MDW 082Psychiatric Nursing
H MDW 084Public Health Nursing

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